Pollution As Energy And Cleaner Air

"California has had an enormous population growth and vehicle traffic," Holmes-Gen said. "Over the last 20 years, our population has doubled, our use of vehicles has grown and all forms of transportation, such as freight movement, diesel trucks, ships at the port and locomotion, also have increased.(3)"

Design Proposal
One of the most important issues architects face today is concern for the environment. Through mechanization and innovation, the world has become more polluted causing a shift in the climate. On a smaller level, one of the major issues that affect the city of Los Angeles is air pollution. Air pollution in Los Angeles is a problem that needs to be addressed.
Throughout the years, it has become synonymous with Los Angeles’ identity just as Hollywood, great weather, and traffic have done. Unlike other major cities, air pollution is primarily caused by vehicular traffic. To combat this problem, this project looks to collect and convert carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into safer, cleaner air. To get the most
impact, the project will be situated along a stretch of the 110 freeway in Downtown LA. The system is fit to be implemented onto existing highways.


It is designed to work in two stages: as a driven surface and an overhead collection system.

  • The driven surface consists of a skin system placed on top of the freeway’s driving surface. As a surface, the skin will remain passive as freeway speeds remain relatively high due to low congestion in traffic. The system becomes activated when it is triggered by slow, dense traffic conditions that occur during rush hour periods. Because of the slow movement of vehicles, smog can be collected and converted into clean air.
  • The second system maintains a more active role throughout all periods. Like the first system, it collects and converts greenhouse gases into clean air. The system is placed beneath overpasses and bridges to collect air pollution and provides a circulation system for the first system.

Concept Diagrams:

Horizontal wind turbine for a housing project.

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