Steam For Heat Water For Growth

The Idea
The proposal for this investigation is to create a wall system that acts as a garden, but is dependent on the water created by the steam that comes from the earth. To make this possible, geothermal energy allows steam to be extracted out from the earth then runs through wells to the surface above. The steam would be exerted out into a close roof top creating condensation, simulating rain fall which would then water the exisitng plants. The plants would be in pods inside the wall, protected from the outised rough condtions of Anchorage, Alaska. The steam would incuvate the plants, keeping them from thermal frost. The steam's temperatures vary depending how deep the steam is extracted from. Plants, commonly require outside temperatures to be 70- 80F during the day and 55- 60F during the night.

The Challenge
The challenge is controlling the temparature that comes out and is fed to the plants, while maintaning a constant temperature around the plant pods.

Natural Energy From the Earth
Geothermal energy is generated by pumping in cold water through one well and as it runs back through another well the water heats up in a great number of celcius, coming out in a gas state as steam.