Undetermined Solar Strategy

Statement of Intent


The sun is the most readily available source of renewable energy we have available. In its current state it provides enough solar energy to fulfill all the human race’s energy requirements now, and for all practical purposes, forever [link]. According to Ecoworld

The earth receives about 274 million gigawatt-years of solar energy, which translates to an astonishing 8.2 million ‘quads’ of Btu energy per year. A ‘quad Btu’ refers to one quadrillion British Thermal Units of energy. The entire human race currently uses about 400 quads of energy (in all forms) per year. Put another way, the solar energy hitting the earth exceeds the total energy consumed by humanity by a factor of over 20,000 times.

The goal of this project is to create a feasible system that successfully captures and converts the suns energy for use via both active and passive methods. This will be accomplished by using a parametric wall system in conjunction with current technology that is capable of deriving and distributing energy acquired from both ultraviolet light and radiant heat. Because this system will primarily exist as a wall, hinting at the possible application on building surfaces, its physical location will initially be limited to earth. However, with the advent of newer methods for harnessing solar energy, such as placing solar sails or solar satellites directly outside of the earth’s atmosphere, the location of this system may eventually be determined by varying degrees of location based effectiveness.

When observing the various projects involving the capture and use of solar energy it becomes apparent that possibilities, regarding this technology, are only limited to the scope of one’s imagination, not to mention the limitations of available technology. However, it seems that the resources currently available are vast and, for the most part, unknown to the general public. Fortunately a quick Google search will remedy some of the situation and hopefully inspire a deeper investigation which should remedy the rest. This project will explore and analyze as much of the available information as possible in order to ensure the best and most viable outcome that will secure its eventual fruition.